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Hana Recreational Medical Cannabis Dispensaries AZ Abundant

Available At Hana Phoenix

Abundant Organics

Abundant Organics provides an array of premium cannabis products that range from organically grown hand-trimmed bud, to carefully extracted solventless rosin taking THC products to a new level. Abundant Organics uses living organic soil, which allows them to cultivate some of the highest-quality cannabis flower in Arizona. They tend to their plants carefully, which are hand-watered, trimmed, and packaged. Abundant Organics has over thirty strains with more being cultivated. Get a little more bang for your buck and try out Abundant Organics Super Eighths. 4.5g grams packaged in sleek glass containers, just waiting for you.
Hana Recreational Medical Cannabis Dispensaries AZ Canamo Concentrates
Available At Hana Green Valley And Phoenix

Canamo Concentrates

Canamo Concentrates specializes in the highest quality cannabis concentrates. Their name is an homage to Mexican heritage, and the historical role that Mexico has played in bringing the power and potency of marijuana into American pop culture. Canamo Concentrates offers Hana Phoenix a diverse variety of products ranging from cured to live, they offer badders, shatters, sauces, and crumbles. With ranged potency levels, Canamo Concentrates has something for everyone.
Hana Recreational Medical Cannabis Dispensaries AZ Drip
Available At Hana Green Valley And Phoenix

DRIP Oils + Extracts

Established in 2014, DRIP Oils + Extracts has been providing Arizona with reputable, & quality cannabis products. Hana Dispensaries carries a range of DRIP Oils + Extract products, from Pax Era Pod cartridges to Distillate Cartridges, and a robust inventory of extracts including oils, shatters, budders, and sauces.
Hana Recreational Medical Cannabis Dispensaries AZ Dutchie
Available At Hana Green Valley And Phoenix


Dutchie™ is a Hana Meds™ house brand. Dutchie pre-rolls are lab-tested, pesticide-free, sourced from superior genetics and far from the bottom of the jar shake like most pre-rolls sold at dispensaries. This gives each pre-roll a consistent quality, taste, and potency. Hana patrons can find the best selection and value on Dutchie prerolls and concentrates at either of our two conveniently located Dispensaries. Check out the Green Valley & Phoenix specials pages for upcoming and reoccurring Dutchie promotions.

Hana Recreational Medical Cannabis Dispensaries AZ Hippie Chicks
Available At Hana Green Valley And Phoenix

Hippie Chicks

Meet the Hippie Chicks products! Both Hana Dispensaries carry a diverse range of these top of the line edibles expertly designed by the team at Hippie Chicks. The Hippie Chicks women spent over a year on the road learning from the best in the cannabis industry, spent time in hundreds of kitchens and laboratories, and ultimately created a line of edibles that focuses on quality and consistency. Their dedication to ensuring a consistent experience from the first bite to the last has made their chocolates and caramels the gold standard in the cannabis industry. Wrapped in beautifully designed packaging, Hana is your source for the hippest edibles.
Hana Recreational Medical Cannabis Dispensaries AZ Nectar Farms Logo
Available At Hana Phoenix

Nectar Farms

Founded in 2012, Nectar Farms is Arizona’s leader in the science-based approach to cannabis cultivation. What began as a coop farm quickly expanded into a medical cannabis cultivation facility to meet the growing need and demand for high-quality bud. Using their signature “HydroOrganic” approach designed to combine the controls found in indoor cultivation with the sustainability found in organic cultivation. This unique practice has enabled Nectar Farms to curate a line of diverse, premium cannabis strains, from household “mainstays” to the rarest and newest in the market. Hana Med offers a selection of Live Pods Kits, disposable pens, and kief pre-rolls for those discerning and sophisticated cannabis connoisseurs in Arizona.
Hana Recreational Medical Cannabis Dispensaries AZ Stiizy
Available At Hana Green Valley And Phoenix


Stiiizy’s premium cannabis products are well known for their portability and convenience. At Hana, we offer a large variety of Stiiizy’s proprietary distillate vape pods in both botanical and cannabis-derived terpene varieties and offer disposables for those that prefer a grab-and-go experience.

Hana Recreational Medical Cannabis Dispensaries AZ Wyld Logo
Available At Hana Green Valley And Phoenix


Wyld is America’s best-selling cannabis gummy brand, focused on edibles using real fruit and natural flavors. In addition to their deliciousness, Wyld is also well known for their focus on consistent dosing, providing trustworthy and repeatable experiences with every bite. We offer six different flavors including strawberry, pomegranate, and elderberry.
Hana Recreational Medical Cannabis Dispensaries AZ Willies Reserve
Available At Hana Green Valley And Phoenix

Willie’s Reserve®

Another Hana Meds™ house brand. In honor of the man, Willie Nelson, known for his support of the cannabis community, WILLIE’S RESERVE® pays tribute to his tradition of sharing, caring, and consuming.

Offering three classic strains, Golden Goat, Headband, & Bubba Kush, patrons are sure to find something they love!

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