Try a tincture and discover one of the most under-appreciated cannabis consumption methods. They aren’t any work, don’t require specialized accessories, and create no ash or odors. And they often provide greater benefits than any other option. With tinctures, the trichomes, terpenes, cannabinoids, oils, and all the plant matter is dissolved and suspended in a solution that can be placed under the tongue or ingested like an edible.

Cannabis tinctures are highly concentrated marijuana extracts that are swallowed directly or absorbed under the user’s tongue. Tinctures are incredibly popular for their ease of use. Whether they are used for pain relief or simple relaxation, tinctures are perfect for marijuana users who would rather not consume combustible marijuana products.

Below is a tinctures starter guide to help cannabis users find the best product for their needs.

What is a Cannabis Tincture?

As previously stated, cannabis tinctures are  highly concentrated liquid extract. Tinctures are made by soaking the cannabis plant in alcohol. These alcohol-based cannabis flower extracts are favorable entry points for new medical and recreational marijuana users. Tinctures can be homemade or purchased from a reliable marijuana product vendor. Hana Meds is a leading seller of high-quality tinctures and marijuana products in Phoenix, AZ.

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Benefits of Using Cannabis Tinctures

Tinctures are beneficial for several reasons, including:

Tinctures Are Perfect for Beginners

Are you planning to use marijuana anytime soon? Tinctures are safer and more comfortable than combustible marijuana products.

Ease of Use  

Other methods of consuming marijuana like vaping and smoking can be frustrating or unappealing for some cannabis users. Alternatively, tinctures can be quite easy to use. Here are three simple ways tinctures may be administered:

    1. Sublingual (Placing under the tongue): This is the most preferred method of using tinctures since the substance is rapidly absorbed via the sublingual artery.
    2. Ingestion: You can also use tinctures as an edible by simply swallowing the tincture or adding it to your food.
    3. Topical: This method is more popular with cannabis-infused oils. This method is widely used with regular skincare techniques.

Tinctures are Discreet

It is easy to keep tinctures in a small, unlabeled jar without broadcasting your use to others. Cannabis use is a personal choice that many people make to better their daily lives. Cannabis users should not have to be subject to any unnecessary judgements on their character or needless suspicion from over-concerned bystanders. Tinctures allow cannabis users to  maintain their privacy in public by eliminating unwanted odors from smoke and plant products.

Fast Results and Effects

Cannabis tinctures generally take effect more quickly than other cannabis consumption methods. Sublingual application allows for the quick onset of 15-30 minutes, with peak effects at around 80 minutes. As such, it is easy to quickly study the effects of the dosage before proceeding with other activities.

Easy Dosing

Tinctures allow you to titrate exactly the right dose by allowing you to dispense the number of drops that best suit your needs. Therefore, you can increase or decrease your dose to match the desired effect. Start small to learn your Minimum Effective Dose (MED) and go from there.

Low Calorie

Unlike edibles, tinctures are low in calories, making them the best way to consume cannabis if you are watching your weight.

Long-Shelf Life

Tinctures can last for several years, provided you store them in a cool, dark place.

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