First Time Visit

First-Time Visit to Our Cannabis Dispensaries

With both locations offering free parking, 2 ATMs on site, and the ability to shop online with in-store pickup, our team wants to make the shopping experience seamless for you each and every time. From the moment you arrive and check-in with security, you will be able to view our extensive menu and vendor tables in the lobby until it is your time to be called back to the dispensing room.

No matter which location you visit, we are ready to serve you. We look forward to answering your questions and providing you with the cannabis experience you’re looking for with our selection of products and knowledgeable staff.

Your Experience

Visiting our Phoenix, AZ Dispensary

When you visit our Phoenix, AZ dispensary, check-in with security outside of the building, and then once let in, check-in at the counter. Our friendly staff will take your medical card or ID and ask you to have a seat. While seated, you can browse the menu or check out any vendor tables in the lobby. When it’s your turn to come back into the dispensing area, a budtender will come out and greet you and take you into the dispensing room. From there, you are free to ask questions, compare items, shop specials, and update your order, even if you placed it ahead of time online. As of now, we are cash only but do have two ATMs on-site in each location, including one in the lobby and one in the dispensing room. Our Phoenix location has a free parking lot and street parking as well.

Visiting Our Green Valley, AZ Dispensary

At our Green Valley dispensary, come on and and make your way to the check in counter with your ID. The check-in counter for in-store shopping is on the left, but if you placed your order online, you can check in at the counters on the right and pay for or pick up your order if you have no changes. If you DO have changes to your order, please visit our check in counter and have a seat! If you’re looking for an in-store experience, you can check in at the left counter and a budtender will come and greet you when it’s your time to shop. Our Green Valley location has a free parking lot for your convenience.

Both of our locations have next-level customer service and our team really cares about finding the best products for you!

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