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Live resins, waxes, rosins, sauces, and shatter are a sample of the many extracts available at Hana Dispensaries. For the Arizona medical marijuana cardholder and over 21 recreational enthusiasts, we offer dispensary locations in Phoenix and Green Valley, where you’ll find the brands you love, including Dutchie, Glorious Extracts, Canamo Concentrates, DRIP Oils + Extracts and so many more.

Quality Cannabis Extracts Available

Our collection showcases the most coveted chemicals extracted from the cannabis plant and provides high levels of cannabinoids, such as THC and CBD. The incredible potency means you can consume less quantity and less often. Dab, vape, consume extracts like an edible, or boost the potency of your flower or pre-rolls. Whatever your preference or purpose, Hana Dispensaries is where you purchase the quality extracts and accessories you need to maximize enjoyment and benefits.

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Visit us in person or browse our online menu to learn more about our cannabis extracts. At Hana Dispensaries, we delight in connecting with our customers, assisting in your wellness goals, and ensuring a more rewarding shopping and consuming experience. Feel free to check out our online menu and place an order for in-store pickup. As a true Arizona Original, we are a discovery of the best of cannabis.

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