Cannabis flower is always a favorite. The most popular and natural opportunity to enjoy the flavor, cannabinoids, and holistic properties of the plant, the experience of smoking is as enjoyable as the effects. While there is a wide selection of strains on the market, they don’t all represent the best grow and cultivation practices. Be sure of what you’re buying and shop flower from Hana Dispensaries. Located in Phoenix and Green Valley, our dispensaries provide current lab results for all Hana products upon request. You’ve heard of legendary strains like Blue Dream, Peachy Keen and Gorilla Glue  #4. Now, with Hana Dispensaries you can finally try them. Whether you’re looking for an exceptional hybrid, a classic indica, or a fresh sativa, we’ve got you covered. Our flower is seed-to-sale so that we can ensure the quality of our bed every step of the way. If you’re new to the world of cannabis and have questions, we have answers.

Exceptional Cannabis Flower

Cannabis strains are typically categorized as sativasindicas or hybrids. Sativas are associated with a cerebral, energizing high. Indicas are considered a more relaxing, “sleepy” high, and hybrids cross-over. However, we recommend considering the THC and CBD levels as well as the terpenes to find your perfect effects. Experimentation is a part of the cannabis journey, allowing you to discover new preferences and personalize your favorites.

Cannabis Buds & Pre-Rolls

From buds to pre-rolls, for Arizona medicinal marijuana cardholders and recreational enthusiasts, Hana Dispensaries is a treasure trove of opportunity. A true Arizona Original and seed-to-sale operation, we cultivate and grow our own flower, hand-trimming and incorporating independent, third-party lab testing to exceed expectations. We carry legendary pre-roll brands, including Dutchie and Willie’s Reserve, at prices you’ll appreciate and welcome online ordering and in-store pickup.

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