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Indica Strains

High Quality Recreational & Medical Indica

If you’re just beginning to familiarize yourself with cannabis, shopping the abundance of products available from Hana may seem overwhelming. You need some way to narrow your search for the ideal effects. To help out, there are three main classifications; sativas, indicas and hybrids. Indica plants have quicker maturity cycles and faster flowering times. They feature a shorter stature, broad leaves and bushy appearance.

What Makes Indica Cannabis Strains Different?

Indicas offer higher yields, dense buds and more pungent aroma. You might notice a purple-colored bud, a musky, earthy or even skunky scent and the flavor of rich earth, sweet musk or dark berry or grape. Indica plants tend to produce higher concentrations of CBD without necessarily falling short on THC.

Indica to Put You ‘In Da Couch’

Indica strains are best for kicking back on the couch in the evening. Rather than the energizing effects of sativas, these alternatives create a relaxing feeling. Indicas are associated with blissful, sedated sensations and more of a “body” high. They are often used to treat chronic pain, anxiety, sleep issues, muscle spasms, PTSD and appetite loss. The higher CBD content makes indica strains attractive for medical treatment.

Find the Best Indica Strain for You at Hana

Hana is where you find legendary Dutchie pre-rolls and the best pricing, variety and quality of indica strains. Shop the most exciting brands of cannabis, exceptional THC and CBD concentrations and downright amazing terpenes. From our smokable flower to our topicals, vapes, extracts, tinctures and edibles, we have everything the recreational long-timer, beginner or medical cardholder could possibly want. Choose directly from our shelves or order online for in-store pickup.

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