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Hana High Points+

Welcome to the Hana High Points+ Program – where your shopping not only gets more rewarding, it gets more exciting each month! Here’s how you can maximize your rewards:
  1. Start Earning Instantly: Just by signing up for our loyalty text program, you’ll be at the Essentials Level and receive a 10% earnings boost on all your purchases and a 10% discount coupon every month. It’s our way of saying ‘thank you’ for joining our Ohana!
  2. Keep the Momentum: Make a visit the next month, and you’ll jump to the Reserve Level we’ll double the delight! Your earnings boost jumps to 20%, and you’ll receive not one, but TWO 20% discount coupons.
  3. Reach Reward Zenith: Continue your streak by visiting the following month, and ascend to the Top Shelf Level – our highest reward tier with a 30% earnings boost. Plus, we’ll gift you three 30% discount coupons to indulge in your favorite items.
  4. Stay on Top: Maintain at least one visit every 30 days, and you’ll retain your tier with all the fabulous perks. Miss a visit? No worries. You’ll reset to the initial tier and can start your journey all over again.
  5. We’ve Got Your Back: If you’re getting close to your deadline to reset the program, we’ll send a friendly reminder so you can soar back to your peak rewards.
Stay rewarded, stay happy with Hana High Points+!