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Ready to kick those cannabis shopping hassles to the curb? Join Hana High Elite! It’s not just about awesome deals; it’s our promise to you for top-notch quality, fun surprises, and the warmest service around. Let’s make this journey amazing, together. Why wait?

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Enjoy an unparalleled 25% off everything in-store, every day. Whether you're exploring new strains, restocking your favorites, or trying our latest accessories, your VIP status ensures you do so at unbeatable prices.

Special Savings on House Products

As a VIP member, your exclusive privileges include a staggering 40% off all our house products. This is our way of ensuring that the products we are most proud of are also the ones you'll love the most—and at a price that makes them even more enjoyable.

Monthly Surprises

Every month, we delight our VIP members with a special gift. It's our way of saying thank you and keeping the experience fresh and exciting. These gifts range from exclusive products to early access items, ensuring you always have something unique to look forward to.

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Save Big, Every Single Day

Always 25% Off: No more waiting for sales or missing out! As a Hana High Elite member, you get a fabulous 25% off everything, anytime you shop. Yes, that means every product, every day, no exceptions. It’s like having your own sale day, every day!

Special Love for House Products

40% Off Our Favorites: We take pride in our house products, and we want you to enjoy them too. That’s why we’re giving you an exclusive 40% off on all our house products. From our special strains to our unique blends, it’s all yours for less. Get ready to explore our best at unbeatable prices!

Monthly Surprises Just for You

A Gift Every Month: Who doesn’t love surprises? Especially when they come in the form of a free gift every month. Just because you’re awesome, we tuck in a special something with your name on it. It could be anything from a new product to try, to some of our classic favorites. It’s our way of saying thanks for being part of the Hana High Elite family.

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Hana High Elite Membership Details

Come on board with Hana High Elite! It’s more than just great deals; it’s our commitment to delivering top-tier quality, delightful surprises, and the friendliest service imaginable.

Let’s embark on this incredible journey together. Don’t hesitate, join us now!

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Dive Into Daily Deals – Always 25% Off

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Frequently Asked Questions

As a Hana High Elite member, you get a fabulous 25% off on everything, a whopping 40% off on our own brands like Dutchies, Hana, People’s Cannabis, and Willie’s Reserve, and even a free product every month. Plus, enjoy special savings every single day!

Joining is super simple! Just pop over to our sign-up page, fill out your info, and voilà, you’ll start enjoying those elite perks in no time.

You bet! Sign up and boom—your discounts are ready to roll. Enjoy your benefits starting with your very next buy. They will pop up as offers in your digital wallet. 

No problemo! Your benefits are tied to your account, not the card. Just give us your account details when you check out, and you’ll get all your discounts and goodies.

Your 25% discount is good on anything, anytime. The 40% off is just for our special house products. A few items might be excluded, so peek at our terms for all the deets.

Each month, we’ll load an offer in your digital wallet with a voucher for your free product. Just pick it up in-store and enjoy. Don’t forget to check out that month’s selection and how to redeem it.

Absolutely, you can cancel anytime. Just reach out to our support squad, and they’ll sort it out for you.

Membership fees aren’t refundable. But don’t worry, we make sure you get your money’s worth with instant access to all the exclusive perks from day one.

No need to fret, your membership auto-renews at the end of your billing cycle, whether it’s monthly or yearly. If you ever want to stop, you can opt-out anytime.

Memberships are just for you and can’t be shared. But hey, why not get your friends and family to sign up too? Then everyone gets to enjoy the great perks.

We’re all ears! Drop us a line via phone or email, or just swing by in-store. Our team is always ready to help out!

Absolutely! Your Hana High Elite benefits are good to go at both our locations. Just swing by, shop as usual, and enjoy your perks wherever you are.

Easy peasy! Your discounts are tied to your store account, so they’ll automatically be applied at checkout. Just shop, smile, and save without the hassle.

Get ready for surprises! From the latest goodies from our cannabis kitchen, exclusive treats from top vendors, to our personal favorites — there’s a fresh pick waiting for you every month. It’s like a birthday gift you get to open over and over again!

Oh, yes! If there’s a sale, we’ll always give you the better deal between the sale price and your Elite discount. More savings, more happiness!

No stress if you miss out on a month; just remember, your perks are ready when you are, but they don’t roll over. You’ve got a full 30 days to enjoy your benefits each month, so make the most of it!