New Dutchie Strains

Prepare to be amazed!

Electric Lemon Power

Dive into the exhilarating world of Electric Lemon Power, where each puff is a symphony of zesty citrus aromas, enveloping you in a wave of energizing freshness. Feel the gentle lift of its smooth high, carrying you through your day with a joyful ease and a heart full of sunshine, transforming mundane tasks into moments of pure delight.


Dark Star

Plunge into the shadowy embrace of Dark Star, a strain that engulfs you in an intense, edgy calm. Its potent effects sweep over you like a dark wave, immersing you in a realm where tranquility has a mysterious, almost brooding depth. The dark, bluish tones of Dark Star mirror its enigmatic intensity, drawing you into an experience where relaxation borders on the profound and mystical, offering a uniquely intriguing escape.

Wedding Bells

Step into the joyous embrace of Wedding Bells, a strain that fills you with love and excitement, like the anticipation of a wedding day. It lifts your mood and clears your mind, making every moment feel special and full of promise. With Wedding Bells, life’s stresses fade away, leaving you in a happy, comforting glow that’s perfect for celebrating life’s beautiful moments.

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