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Phoenix Vapes

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Phoenix, AZ Premium Vape Pens

If you’re particular about flavor, prioritize quality and appreciate a more discreet consumption, browse weed pens at Hana Dispensaries. Visit our nearby Phoenix dispensary at 3411 E Corona Ave Suite 101 and explore the unique advantages of refillable or disposable carts and pods. So easy to use, vapes cater to the beginner as well as the well-acquainted cannabis enthusiasts and are ideal for both recreational and medicinal needs. STIIIZY, The Pharm, MFUSED, Jeeter and DRIP Oil + Extracts are some of the many, exciting, innovative and popular brands available at Hana Dispensaries. A selection of five dozen strains cater to every experience level, preference and purpose. Shop indicas, sativas and hybrids of a versatile range of THC to CBD ratio, target specific effects and choose from exceptional options such as Durban Poison, Sticky Cake, Blackberry Kush and Gelato.

Find Your New Favorite Weed Pen at Hana Dispensaries

Need a little help choosing the right vape for you? At Hana Dispensaries, our educated staff is more than happy to share insight into our array of products, make recommendations and ensure you’re confident in your purchases. From simplicity and portability to customized dosing and quick onset of effects, our vapes offer incredible benefits. Make sure to check out our daily deals and sign up for our Loyalty Program. Enjoy the convenience of online ordering and in-store pickup!