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Arizona! Looking for Ways to Incorporate Cannabis into Your Super Bowl LVII Weekend Plans?

It’ll be here before you know it — Super Bowl Sunday. Kansas City Chiefs against the Philadelphia Eagles.

All the fun is happening here in our home state of Arizona.

If you are getting ready for a weekend of fun with family, friends, and cannabis, let’s chat about creating the best setup for a football-n-sesh night.

Whether you are staying home all evening or looking for a way to unwind after you get home from State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Arizona — picking up some cannabis will be a perfect addition to this weekend to remember.

Let’s get into purchasing the green goods and how to serve cannabis to your guests best.

Purchasing the Cannabis at Hana Dispensary

Walking into a cannabis dispensary is not the same as walking into a liquor store. Both newcomers and experienced buyers share that sentiment. 

It is a unique experience of its own and one that has developed its standard customs and etiquette for customer procedures.

In anticipation of many football fans out and about for the big day here in Arizona, consider picking up your stash before the weekend. Then, get your party set and ready to go!

Bring These Items to Hana

To get into Hana, you must have several items on hand. You must provide your state-issued ID or passport, and you need to have cash on hand. Hana does accept Debit Card payments for about the same as an ATM fee. Both Hana locations also have an ATM on-site.

You can also consider shopping the weekly deals online before visiting.

Don’t Forget Your Positive Mindset at the Cannabis Counter

At Hana, you’ll have a dedicated budtender guiding you through the section of our store’s offerings. This is when you share what effects you’re looking for or what products you seek. It’s also when you can embrace curiosity.

Although our budtenders are not licensed medical professionals, they are familiar with the products carried. They’re the ones who have most likely sampled every product in that store, and they listen to testimonials every day. 

So while our budtenders aren’t doctors, they are the most equipped to answer any questions about what you see on the shelves.

Know Your Cannabis Product Options

Hana Dispensaries only works with the best cannabis providers in the industry, who have become our trusted partners. 

Over time, we have cultivated these relationships to deliver our patients and customers the highest quality products available in Arizona. From some of the first providers in the industry to those developing products on the cutting edge of cannabis science, 

Hana is committed to providing clients access to the best bud on the market.

How to Serve Cannabis to Your Super Bowl Guests

Always Remember: Puff Puff Pass

It is called “puff, puff, pass” for a reason. You take two generous hits and then pass it to the next person. Whether the circle moves clockwise or counterclockwise depends on what you decide beforehand. Even better, outfit everyone with their own Dutchie pre-roll. Dutchie’s come 6 to a pack so you’ll have plenty to share!

Nibble on Edibles

Edibles are often the best option for those who aren’t fans of smoking, just remember to tread lightly. Start low and go slow! As a rule of thumb, a safe dose for beginners is about 2.5–5mg of THC. Be sure to read your labels before consuming.

Try Hippie Chicks Chocolates or Kushy Punch Gummies ~ these options are easy to dose lower and can be incorporated into a variety of Superbowl appropriate snacks. 

Stop by Hana Dispensaries Before the Super Bowl While in Arizona

Hana Dispensaries is proud to serve the great cities of Phoenix & Green Valley. Hana Phoenix is located 23 miles from State Farm Stadium, we provide the highest quality medical and recreational cannabis. 

With online ordering and convenient in-store pickup, our fast and friendly staff will handle all of your needs for cannabis products. 

Call or click for more information on prices and availability. As you’re exploring Phoenix, make sure to stop by and visit Hana Dispensaries and check out other things to do while in town.

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