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The People Have Spoken — Cannabis Makes Dry January Enjoyable

Dry January is a relatively new tradition in the United States. If you are a drinker, it might seem like a daunting idea to cut out the liquid fix for a total of 31 days. 

The people are speaking up and sharing that it’s a great time of the year to explore deeper what cannabis has to offer as an alternative. A recent survey from CivicScience shares the data that states that a majority of those replacing alcohol with cannabis and CBD are those between the ages of 21 to 24 (34%), followed by ages 25 to 24 (24%), and 35-54-year-olds (22%.) Finally, those aged 55 and older came in at 9% for those replacing alcohol with cannabis and CBD products.

People love the green flip. Let’s look at how Dry January originated, the benefits of the wellness challenge, and the power of THC and CBD.

What is Dry January?

The official first day of Dry January took place in 2013 as a part of a public health campaign within the United Kingdom. According to the Alcohol Change UK website, around 4,000 British citizens signed up to participate that year.

Since its beginning, Dry January has exploded in popularity both within the UK and across the globe. By 2017, as many as 4 million British citizens said they would try to give up alcohol to start the new year for one month. The trend has made its way into the United States, though it is not a part of an official public health campaign as it was officially in Great Britain.

Over the past few years, more and more individuals have been going in on this alcohol-free month. As the world is emerging from the quarantined nature of the COVID-19 pandemic, more people are coming forward ready to manage their stress and improve overall health.

What Are the Benefits of Participating in Dry January?

First, alcohol costs money to keep stocked up in the fridge. You’ll instantly start to see financial savings from participating in Dry January.

According to a section in the British Journal of General Practice, Dry January participants have reported many benefits in their health and well-being. “Participants testify to how great a month off from alcohol can be; they sleep better, have more energy, some lose weight and save money, and others notice improvements in their skin and hair,” the journal says.

Your immune system can also become stronger. According to Keri Peterson, MD, drinking suppresses your immune function, making a person more vulnerable to the pathogens that cause the cold and flu. Participants of Dry January have also reported feeling less anxious, fewer headaches, and overall improvements in daily health.

Replacing Alcohol with Cannabis and Changing Consumption Habits

Those who have used cannabis and alcohol often find that the former makes a great (if not better) substitute for the latter. In a 2009 study, researchers surveyed hundreds of medical cannabis patients about their views on substituting cannabis for alcohol and other drugs.

“The most common reasons given for substituting were: less adverse side effects (65%), better symptom management (57%), and less withdrawal potential (34%) with cannabis,” the study’s results say.

Studies also show that CBD (cannabidiol) has the potential to reduce alcohol consumption in several different ways. “Experimental studies converge to find that CBD reduces the overall level of alcohol drinking in animal models of AUD by reducing ethanol intake, motivation for ethanol, relapse, and by decreasing anxiety and impulsivity,” according to a review in the Frontiers of Pharmacology journal.

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