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3 Activities To Try While High This Fall

It might still be 80 degrees outside, but at Hana Dispensaries, it’s fall. To usher in and elevate the season, we tried three classic fall activities with a THC twist. Needless to say, infused fall might be our new favorite season.

Read on to explore the fall activities we tried high and grab the goods you’ll need to infuse your fall season.

Pop an Edible and Head to the Pumpkin Patch 

Pumpkin patches are super public places, so if you want to enjoy one stoned, we recommend consuming an edible. Edibles are discreet and nondescript, and they’re easy to dose. Our choice for the pumpkin patch was Kushy Punch Gummies, particularly their blue raspberry flavor. It’s a hybrid edible, so you’ll be perfectly relaxed while going on a hay ride or picking out a pumpkin, but you won’t be so stoned you feel sedated. Get some from our Phoenix location here. Or if you’re closer to our Green Valley spot, you can get yours here.

We suggest eating yours before you head to the pumpkin patch so it has time to kick in, and then bringing a WYLD CBD Sparkling Water with you as backup. Sipping on CBD can help level out your high in case you consume too much. Trust us, you do not want to take on a corn maze without at least one foot on the ground.

Carve a Pumpkin Bong

Consider getting more than one pumpkin while you’re at the pumpkin patch so you can carve one into a bong.

For your bong pumpkin, pick one that’s taller than it is round, as you’ll need space for both a mouthpiece and a bowl and downstem. It doesn’t need to be too massive though; you still want to be able to easily pick it up and hit it. You’ll also need:

  • Permanent marker
  • Knife or carving tool
  • Large spoon
  • Mouthpiece (can be from a broken bong or just a good ol’ fashioned straw)
  • Glass downstem + bowl 

If you’ve carved any fruit into a bong before, this is no different. If you haven’t, try out the steps we followed in this blog. Here are the basics:

  1. Use your permanent marker to mark where you’ll cut the downstem hole, mouthpiece hole, and the top of the pumpkin. 
    1. The downstem hole should be at a 45-degree angle heading toward the bottom of the pumpkin.
    2. The mouthpiece hole should be on or near the top of the pumpkin.
    3. The top of the pumpkin needs to be wide enough for you to clean out the pumpkin but not so wide it interferes with the other holes you cut.
  2. Cut the top of the pumpkin off and use your spoon to clean out the insides.
  3. Cut the downstem hole and install your downstem and bowl.
  4. Cut the mouthpiece hole and install your mouthpiece.
  5. Add water.
  6. Pack your bowl with your favorite flower and hit it!

We went with the classic Blue Dream because it’s perfect for a fun activity with friends. A hybrid flower, it’s upbeat yet relaxing and not so potent you need to worry about handling your carving tools. It’s also fairly low in THC (around 22%), so your friends that don’t smoke often can enjoy it without feeling like they overdid it.

Pro tip: Enjoy  WYLD CBD Sparkling Water here too. It’ll add a nice happy-hour feel to your pumpkin carving hangout, it’ll keep you grounded should you smoke too much, and it’s an approachable option for any friends who want to partake but don’t want to consume THC.

Blaze the Trail on an Early Morning Hike 

Hiking while stoned is enjoyable any time of day, but we chose an early morning hike because otherwise, it’s too hot! As we move closer to winter the weather will cool off, but for now, we recommend getting up early to blaze the trail.

Our favorite hiking buddy is Origyn Extracts Super Lemon Haze vape cart. It’s lower in THC than many of our other vapes, but it’s still a heavy hitter at nearly 70%. But what truly makes it ideal for a fall hike is its lineage. The lemon side is energizing and uplifting, while the haze side keeps you grounded. Together, you have a discreet product that gets you high enough to enjoy a hike but not so high you’re paranoid about falling off the edge of the trail.

Before you pick your pumpkins, carve bongs, or hit the trail, stop by Hana Dispensary Phoenix or Hana Dispensary Green Valley to talk to one of our budtenders. The products we linked in this blog are our favorites for stoned fall activities. If they’re not exactly what you’re looking for, our team can help you find your best options for an elevated fall. See you soon!

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