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Why You Should Be Buying Pre-Rolls Every Time You Hit a Dispensary

Pre-rolls are gaining popularity with both seasoned partakers and newer consumers, and we’re here for it. Between the opportunities they provide to consumers, their lack of glass, and their abundance of convenience, we think pre-rolls are truly the best consumption method available to consumers today. Hear us out.

Pre-Rolls Are Portable and Sharable

One of the biggest advantages of pre-rolls is that they’re portable. They require no glass, water, grinder, torch, or a bag to tote all those things. All you need is a lighter and the pre-roll itself. Even if they’re still in their store packaging, you can easily fit a whole package of pre-rolls into a purse or pocket.

Because of this convenience factor, they’re also incredibly easy to share without overwhelming who you’re sharing with. (We’ve all been passed a bong that’s so large or intricate we need an explanation on what to do. No need for a how-to lesson with pre-rolls.)

Plus, when you buy superior brands like Willie’s Reserve, you get five pre-rolls to a pack. Perfect for you and four friends! Or you and four seshs. We won’t judge.

Pre-Rolls Handle the Work for You

Of course, the benefit of pre-rolls being pre-rolled is that the prep work usually associated with smoking is completely removed from the process. You don’t have to spend time changing your bong water, cleaning your pipe, or hunting down papers. And you don’t have to bother with grinding up flower and then packing a bowl or rolling your own. You can just get straight to business. 

This is one reason we love to recommend pre-rolls to newer consumers. It’s a simple way for someone new to cannabis to learn how to smoke without smoking too much. Once that’s understood, it’s easier to branch out to different pipes, techniques, and rituals.

Pre-Rolls Give You Room To Explore

Our number one favorite thing about pre-rolls? You can try a whole bunch of different strains without breaking the bank.

Because pre-rolls are usually just a gram or less of one particular strain, you have the option to try several different strains without having to commit to one. And, if you find a strain you don’t particularly love, you don’t have to feel the need to smoke it regardless like you might if you purchased an entire eighth of that strain.

We always recommend checking out our Dutchie Pre-Roll selection because we usually have at least 10 different strains on-hand to choose from. Each pack of Dutchie Pre-Rolls comes with six half-gram pre-rolls so you and your friends can experience a new strain.

And soon, we’re rolling out something even more portable, convenient, and wallet-pleasing: Dutchie Duos.

The Next Iteration of Pre-Rolls: Dutchie Duos

These bad boys are similar to our usual pack of Dutchie pre-rolls, except instead of six pre-rolls per pack, you get two. But trust us when we say less is more.

With only two pre-rolls per pack, you have the power to explore even more strains. Three packs of Dutchie Duos give you six pre-rolls and three strains to try. One pack of Dutchie Pre-Rolls also gives you six pre-rolls, but you only get to try one strain.

Not to mention, because Dutchie Duos come with only two pre-rolls per pack, they start at a better price point. In case you need extra encouragement to explore different strains.

Find Dutchie Duos Near Your

We’re rolling out Dutchie Duos at both our Phoenix and Green Valley dispensary locations by the end of September! Dutchie presents a lot of different strains to try, so if you’re not sure where to start, one of our friendly budtenders will gladly help you out.

The best part is, there are only two half-gram pre-rolls per pack, so you can try as many strains as you want without being wasteful. Going green’s never felt so good.

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