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Summer Sesh: 8 Products To Try Before the Seasons Change

It’s hot and it’s stressful. Hana’s top summer products are here to help you chill out while still bringing the heat.

For our Phoenix dispensary shoppers, keep reading for the four products destined to elevate your summer. If you’re closer to our Green Valley location, click here and we’ll take you down to the four products waiting to make summer 2022 one for the books.

Hana Dispensary Phoenix Summer Goods

We’ve got a little something for every occasion and every consumer. 

Cann Social Tonics

Our six-pack Cann Social Tonics are just as ideal for pool days as they are for winding down after a long day at work. Refreshingly light, they’re microdosed with both THC and CBD for a relaxing, subtle buzz. And the best part—it only takes about 10-15 minutes for that buzz to kick in.

We currently have all three Cann flavors at our Phoenix dispensary location. So instead of reaching for a skunky beer when you get home this evening, swing by Hana Dispensary Phoenix to grab a pack of Lemon Lavender, Blood Orange Cardamom, or Grapefruit Rosemary Cann Social Tonics. Because hangovers hurt.

Dutchie Prerolls 

For those who prefer lighting up over drinking up, we’ve got you covered with Dutchie Prerolls. Between the 14 different strains we’ve got in stock, you can easily find what you need for any summer occasion. Or no occasion at all.




Each pack of prerolls comes with six half-gram joints, so you can share with your buds or choose to let yourself indulge a little.

Revival Lollipops

Revival Lollipops make edibles even more fun than they already are. Their fruity flavors radiate summertime, and since they’re wrapped individually, you can mix and match the flavors to create a full summer stash of sweet treats.

They’re full-spectrum and infused with kief oil, which only adds to their delicious flavor profile. And with 10 mg THC and 40 mg THC options, you have the ability to tailor your high to any activity or occasion. You’re gonna want to get these while you can as they’re being discontinued—which means the price is perfect for stocking up.

This is a whole new way to experience a “sugar high.” 

CannaDevices Glass

For our traditional smokers and dabbers, CannaDevices Glass is your best choice for pipes and bowls.

If you prefer smoking flower, their One Hitters, Color Swirl Pipes, and Chillum Bowls come in groovy colors to elevate your summer style. And if concentrates are more your thing, their Nectar Straws make it easy for you to dab even if you’re out hiking or on the lake.

Hana Dispensary Green Valley Summer Goods

We’re giving “Green Valley” a whole new meaning.

Hana House Flower

The summer flower menu at Hana Dispensary Green Valley is giving Arizona heat a run for its money. We’ve currently got 22 fire strains on deck, including fan faves like Blue Dream, Kush Cake, and GG #4.

When you swing by our Green Valley dispensary, let your budtender know what your summer plans look like. They can help you find the best Hana House Flower for your version of fun in the sun.

Flowerade Tea  

Our Flowerade Tea drink mixes are perfect for when you’re on the go. Simply stir them into your drink of choice like you would any other drink mix, and drink up!

We have individual 10 mg THC mix packets so you can test one out before committing to the full 100 mg jar. (And the jar itself contains 10 individually wrapped servings, so your friends can try one out too.) 

C-Rex Rosin Products

Concentrate fans, get excited—C-Rex has live rosin goods for both dabbing and vaping, and our Green Valley dispensary has them all in stock.

If you prefer to dab, we’ve got Animal Kush Mints Live Rosin Batter and Gorilla Dosi Live Rosin Jam in-store this summer. And if you need something a little more discreet/portable, we’ve got their Live Rosin Carts in Frankenstein, Gorilla Cookies, Grease Monkey, and Tropaya.

CannaDevices Glass

If you want to make your C-Rex Live Rosin Batter or Jam as portable as your C-Rex Live Rosin Carts, pick up one of CannaDevices Nectar Straws when you’re at our Green Valley dispensary. They’re an easy way to dab without having to break out the rig, and they make it easier for you to share concentrates with those that are interested or curious.

CannaDevices also has some beautiful glass flower pieces, including One Hitters, Color Swirl Pipes, and Chillum Bowls. It’s summertime, and nobody wants to be constrained indoors. Treat yourself to some portable CannaDevices glass pieces.

No matter how you choose to partake this summer, make sure you check out a Hana Dispensary near you for the best strains and products to elevate your vibe.

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